ECH2O 水包装

由海神波塞冬(Posiedon)启发的灵感,英格兰索尔福德城市学院学生 Reece Crowder 设计的概念水包装,隶属于 Paperjam Creative项目。

Paperjam Creative is a Graphic Design agency formed by teaching staff and run by enthusiastic and motivated Graphic Design students at Salford City College Pendleton Centre. Paperjam’s aim is to provide our students with a hands-on experience of the graphic design industry whilst delivering a high-quality service for our clients. The old adage “two heads are better than one” is a wise one, but in our case, we will have up to 30 Graphic Design students working on a single project under the careful art direction of experienced teaching staff. This guarantees that you will be presented with a diverse range of concepts and a professional outcome.

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