El Montero 餐厅品牌设计

El Montero 是位于墨西哥北部边境的一家餐厅,由 Anagrama 为其打造的品牌及室内设计极具特色,灵感来自与餐厅所处的地理环境,以“沙漠之狐”的形象作为主视觉,辅以环形品牌名称以及栅格状辅助图案。

El Montero, is a restaurant located in Saltillo Coahuila, a city very close to the Mexican northern border.

Its kitchen represents the restaurant’s surroundings as it is located on one of Mexico’s deserts. El Montero’s menu is inspired on regional food, integrating elements from contemporary kitchens.

The project was developed inside an edification from the colonial period considered national patrimony. The development was executed with respect and care toward its elements.

Our job as brand developers was to create a personality where we could glorify traditional kitchen values making the most of regional raw materials.

For the interiors, we developed a project where antique elements could be combined with modern objects allowing the space to communicate its gastronomical concept.


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